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Russ Brown


Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys has been part of the motorcycling community for more than 35 years and is proud to be the Official Attorney Sponsor of the 2023 Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™. Russ Brown is the original Motorcycle Lawyer that rides and cares and is the founder and director of Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, Brown, Koro, & Romag, LLP.

Russ Brown is a motorcyclist first and an attorney second. Motorcycle Lawyer Russ Brown has been a passionate rider since he first got on a bike when he was a 16. Before Russ was a motorcycle attorney, he graduated from UCLA with a BA in Marketing. After working his way up in 'Corporate America', Russ Brown decided he wanted to do something more fulfilling so he went back to school and got his law degree.

When he began practicing law he started to notice a disturbing trend: insurance companies were taking advantage of injured motorcyclists. This angered Russ to the point where he decided to make protecting fellow motorcyclists his life’s mission and became one of the first motorcycle attorneys in the country. Since then, Russ has been fighting for the rights of motorcyclists on the road and in courtroom since the early days of ABATE, MMA, and MRF. As a rider and motorcycle lawyer Russ knows the dynamics of a crash and is all too familiar with the prejudice a biker faces on the road. His nationwide network of attorneys has been selected by Russ himself to ensure that riders are represented by nothing but the best personal injury attorneys anywhere in the US. Russ and his partners, Chuck Koro & Jim Romag, offer free legal advice to any motorcyclist who has been involved in an accident. Even if the rider does not need an attorney, the best course of action can be explained to them.


Riders Use BAM When In a Jam!

In the early 80’s, while on ride 100 miles away from home, Russ Brown experienced a break down. Stranded alone in an isolated area, Russ came up with idea of BAM, Breakdown Assistance for Motorcyclists, a nationwide volunteer program of riders helping riders when they experience a breakdown.

BAM works because of you, our fellow riders. When a rider has an emergency roadside situation they call 1-800-4-BIKERS and Russ Brown’s BAM staff immediately get to work on contacting a fellow member close to the stranded rider's location to see if they can assist. While BAM is sponsored by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, the program is 100% based on volunteer motorcyclists across the nation.  Today, BAM boasts close to two million members ready to provide local assistance to fellow riders who need anything from a jump start to a tow. As a BAM member puts it, "If you break down in my neighborhood, it may be me coming to help you.  If I break down in your neighborhood, you may be able to come help me."


For over 35 years, Russ Brown has built a reputation for both BAM and Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys. "We take great pride in our track record over the decades of helping bikers on the road and in the courtroom,” says Motorcycle Lawyer Russ Brown.  Thanks to Russ, Chuck, Jim and their team, millions of dollars have been recovered in settlements for injured motorcyclists and thousands of BAM members have gotten help when they needed it.  Russ Brown is the real deal.

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