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City of Sturgis to introduce the town’s first ever Running of the Buffalo
April 1, 2021
(Sturgis, SD) – City of Sturgis to introduce the town’s first ever Running of the Buffalo down Legendary Main Street during the 81st Annual Motorcycle Rally. The inaugural “Buffalo-Run” will feature 2,000 Bison provided by Slim Buttes and Jumpoff Buffalo Ranches and will take place Monday, August 9th at 3:00 PM.

Signature Rides Set the Sturgis Rally Apart
March 31, 2021 - By Bryan Harley
The Ride. Be it the ritual ride to Sturgis or around the Black Hills, riding helps set the Sturgis Rally apart. Take a spin on Iron Mountain Road and tell me I’m wrong the first time you pass through Doane Robinson Tunnel and see the giant faces of Mount Rushmore staring back at you. For quick getaways, the delightful twists and turns of Vanocker Canyon are a stone’s throw from town. Be it national treasures or natural wonders, there’s magic in the Black Hills no matter which direction you set out...

Tips on the 2021 Sturgis Rally from a 2020 Sturgis Rally Survivor
January 15, 2021
The decision to attend the 2020 Sturgis Rally was not an easy one. My family had been hyper-vigilant in our quest to keep my 81-year-old mother healthy since the pandemic hit. Attending meant I’d also need to quarantine from my wife and kids when I got back home, and their hugs and kisses are the thing I crave most upon after a couple weeks on the road. Some states were still mired in lockdowns, countless small businesses had shuttered, and many meals were eaten from the seat of my motorcycle. I hadn’t traveled far from home since covering Daytona Beach Bike Week back in March, and just about every motorcycle event after that had been cancelled because of COVID...

Sturgis to construct Gold Star Families Memorial
November 4, 2020
The Sturgis community will soon be home to a Gold Star Families Memorial Monument. The Monument will be placed near the Harley-Davidson Rally Point Plaza at the corner of Main Street and Harley-Davidson Way, where visitors and community members can visit the monument and reflect on the sacrifices made for our nation...

2020 City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Update
September 9, 2020
The San Diego State University IZA study regarding the COVID-19 cases resulting from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is blatantly faulty. The study concludes that nearly 20% of the COVID- 19 cases reported in America from August 2 to September 2 are due to the event. This outrageous conclusion is antithetical to actual case data as numerous State Officials across the United States have been actively seeking to tie any COVID-19 case to the event. Despite these active efforts, fewer than 300 cases have been identified nationwide. The careless ease with which mainstream media outlets have published a report that multiplies that factual data by 1,000 is shameful. The absolute preposterousness of the conclusion is further demonstrated by the results of the community-wide mass testing which occurred after the event, where there were 26 positives cases out of 650 patients tested...

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