84th Rally, Aug. 2nd-11th, Begins in

Sturgis Annual Beard and Mustache Contest

Wednesday, August 7, 2024

Registration starts at 5pm at Harley-Davidson Rally Point with judging to begin at 6pm.

$10 entry fee (cash only)/limit two entries per person 

  • Papa Beard (Full Beard over six inches, natural)
  • Baby Beard (Full Beard under six inches, natural)
  • Double Dapper (Full Beard with Styled Mustache)
  • Beer Soakin’ Mustache (Natural Mustache)
  • Whiskerina (For the Ladies..Make a beard, draw a beard, use your braid...)

Each winner gets a goodie bag from our sponsor along with a few special City of Sturgis items!


Winners of each category compete for People’s Choice

and an elite prize package!


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Sponsored by THIGHBRUSH

Beard-Mustache_1.png Beard-Mustache_2.png

Beard-Mustache_3.png Beard-Mustache_4.png

Beard-Mustache_5.png Beard-Mustache_6.png