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July 25, 2018

 Budgeting for a Good Time!

This blog details the triking adventures of Red and Big Guy, and their inaugural trip to the

2018 Sturgis Rally.



Big Guy would be the very first person to say I can spot a bargain from a mile away. He’s right; when it comes to a good deal, I’m the first in line. I keep my Costco card, my AARP card, and my HOG membership card in my back pocket at all times, and I’m not ashamed to say that I make a lot of decisions based on price outlay vs. ROI. When it comes to vacations, my cost-cutting measures occasionally take a back seat to our experiences. We have a ‘YOLO’ approach to our leisure times, especially if it is likely to be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Helicoptering in the Grand Canyon? Yup; let’s spring for those tickets. Camping in Yellowstone? Let’s buy some bear repellent and pack up the tent. A trip to Sturgis? Budget? What budget? (Ignore the sound of Big Guy weeping as he opens the VISA bill…) We have been planning this trip for over a year. I have reserved our cabin at FTS, based on all of the extra privileges and amenities we’ll be enjoying, included in the lodging price. Free admission to all the Throttle events and concerts? I sure don’t mind paying to get what I want; and remember, FTS is offering H.O.G. members a discount! I also like good food and drink; I am prepared to spend as much as I need to in order to fully enjoy all the available burgers, treats and specialty food available. Ice cream? Yup. Cold beverages? South Dakota in the summer cries out for cold beer, whisky on the rocks, and icy SloonShine! Event T-shirts? Leathers? A new pair of boots? Jewelry? Vest patches and do-rags? All kinds of Sturgis memorabilia, everything from decals to ball caps to license plate frames? It’s available for you, from multiple vendors in multiple places. Be it food, lodging, or merchandise, I guarantee you’ll find what you want at a price you can afford. My dad had a particular saying he was fond of: save on the apples and spend on the oranges. Now that I’m older, I know what he meant. Not everything in life has to be top-shelf; but there are some things that certainly deserve to be. He was trying to tell me to spend money and time on what is important—be it life experiences, memories, unforgettable events, or hours spent with friends, both old and new. For us—we are going to make sure our time spent in Sturgis is top- shelf all the way. Looking forward to meeting lots of new friends in Sturgis next week. Keep an eye out for us—we might just buy you a beer! Ride on!

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