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Main Street Sturgis Brick Project



  • Only $100 per 4x8 Brick or $175 per 8x8
  • Orders taken until March 18, 2016
  • Bricks will be placed on Sturgis Harley-Davidson Way pre-2016 rally
  • Replica Orders Are Processed And Placed Monthly

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Sturgis was incorporated in 1888 and is known as the City of Riders. It has been influenced and shaped by American Indians, Pony Express riders, the United States Cavalry and most recently, the American Biker. The Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally has attracted riders to the Black Hills of South Dakota, which means Sturgis owes over half of its history to the Rally, a legacy we are incredibly proud of.

Motorcycle enthusiasts return to Sturgis year after year to make memories ~ to meet old friends and make new ones, marry, celebrate the life of a friend that has moved on, introduce a child to a pristine canyon road or celebrate the return of a son or daughter defending freedom in a distant land.

Now you can be a part of the legend of Sturgis, the City of Riders. Commemorate a special occasion, mark a date or moment in time, celebrate a birth, remember a passing or leave your personal message on an engraved brick or granite paver. Bricks are given premier placement in downtown Sturgis on our famous Harley-Davidson Way. The cost to become a permanent part of motorcycle history is affordable and makes a great gift. Orders will be taken through March 16, 2016 for installation pre-2016 Rally.

Sturgis Rally 8x8 Brick

Collectible Brick Replicas

Take your memory brick home by purchasing an additional brick of the one placed on Legendary Harley-Davidson Way in Sturgis. As an added bonus you may consider purchasing a 4x8 commemorative brick for $100 (tax included) or a 8x8 commemorative brick for $175 (tax included). Your replica to the actual brick laid on Harley-Davidson Way in Sturgis! Replica’s shipped out of the USA require additional shipping fee’s.


Please consider the following when placing your order:
• The Rally Department reserves the right to approve or reject any and all brick wording.
• The conjoined placement of a group of bricks is possible only when requested & if bricks are ordered all together.
• No refunds!

Brick Registries

When viewing your brick in the sidewalk at Sturgis, bricks are placed in rows per section. The rows begin with number 1 starting at the top of the section to the bottom.

Find your purchased brick on Legendary Main Street
Find your purchased granite paver on Legendary Main Street