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The Road To Sturgis: I Rode Mine!
March 19, 2013

Russ Brown I Rode Mine to SturgisFor just about as long as the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally has been in existence there have been bikers determined to make the run on their motorcycles. In the early years making a real long distance ride was considered a feat of real bravado and tenacity. It was all about man and machine. Gas stations and essentials were far and few between, and in the case of a major breakdown, a motorcyclist was left at the mercy of motorists passing by.


As the years rolled by and the Harley motorcycle became more robust, making the run to Sturgis was seen by many as a true rite of passage to many bikers who came from all across the country to make the run and claim bragging rights. As the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally became more and more popular it wasn’t uncommon to see both small and larger packs of bikers making the run together.

Russ Brown I Rode Mine to Sturgis

It was also common for motorcyclists to travel with trucks, vans and RV's complete with spare parts and trailers to bolster against an irreparable breakdown. As making the run became more popular, patches declaring “I Rode Mine” were designed and proudly adored the “cuts” and riding jackets worn to protect themselves while in the wind.

While the history documenting the official date when the “I Rode Mine” patch came out is vague, there are quite a few biker museums and memorabilia stores with patches on display from as early as 1981. Since the first Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, or the Black Hills Classic, as it was called that first year in 1938, I am sure that there has to be a patch or pin that was available to commemorate the tenacity it takes to make such a long distance run before the 1980’s.

Along those lines there are also quite a few motorcycle clubs that had 'members only' run pins or patches that clearly declared “Yes bro I rode mine” to Sturgis!

Today there is still a rich feeling of accomplishment among fellow motorcyclists who have conquered the challenges of the open highway to make the journey from their home to the oldest and biggest motorcycle rally in the world and while some breathe a sigh of relief when they finally make it to Main Street, Sturgis, SD, undoubtedly every one of those road warriors who made the run all agree they were glad they did!

While getting to Sturgis may in itself be an added adventure for some, no matter how you make it to the world’s oldest and most famous motorcycle rally, what really matters is being able to say, "I was at Sturgis 2013!”

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The Road To Sturgis: I Rode Mine!

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